Dreamin’ on the floor

Got rid of a lot of things this week
Cleaned up my room
For most a simple task
Usually overdue
Was very burdensome
Certain clothing triggered memories
It didnt help that there was old merchandise from when pops used to sell wholesale
That and his dress shirts as well as hand me downs from my brothers
What plagued this room was much more than clutter
Boxes and clothing everywhere
Because of the various sizes at various points in life
There was stuff i could no longer wear
Tempted to get everything tailored
But understanding that if i cant use it
I should give it away, or throw it out
I gave what could fit to my good homie
And bagged the rest up
Everything is super clean now
Although i may throw out these tvs i never used
Old school tube televisions that is
My room has always been viewed as a secondary closet
Not sure how long it will be till i fully use my room
Ive always sprawled out while watching tv late night on the living room rug
Actually its kind of funny when i think about it
When i was 17 i had a ufo experience in that very room
Dont think it has any direct correlation
Indirectly maybe
All in all the room is tidy
Posessions gone and memories never forgotten
Letting go of what once was
Goin be up all night
Maybe finally allow this bed its responsibilities
But for now I’ll dream on the floor